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With eSurveyLinx™ you can create your surveys, track your research projects and make better informed business decisions. We encourage you to view our demos and take a look around eSurveyLinx™. We are sure you will find that the features and quality of eSurveyLinx™ makes us your best choice for your online research projects.

If you are unsure of whether an online survey would meet your needs or if you are interested in finding out more please contact us. One of our marketing representatives will be happy to assist you. You can reach us by phone at 1-866-662-5290 by email at info@goeveryware.com or by standard mail:

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Why do a survey?

From customer satisfaction, advertising effectiveness, buyer habits, current trends and pricing effectiveness the types of surveys that you can generate are endless. Done effectively surveys can help you improve your market penetration, customer satisfaction and help you meet your company goals.

Why do surveys online?

Online surveys tend to return more results than traditional survey methods. Online surveys are faster to complete and can be targeted to a better or more specific group. For example: placing a survey at the end of an online e-commerce transaction could help you understand what was effective in driving the customer to make their online purchasing decisions.

Can online surveys save you money?

Its a fact that online surveys cost a mere fraction of printed surveys. No printing cost, no mailing costs as well as no data entry costs make this an extremely cost effective method of gathering data.

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